Private Krka Tour

Want a private Krka tour?

Great, contact us and we’ll provide you with the most amazing Krka experience, tailored to your every need!

Krka tour is one of the most popular tours in the Split area and Croatia in general! Krka waterfalls are a Croatian National Park, nestled in the valley only 1 hour away from Split!

Did you know Krka is the only National park where swimming is allowed? There’s only a handful of places in the world, where you can fit so many amazing experiences in one tour. And it all takes place inside one of Croatia’s most beautiful natural wonders.

Why take a private Krka tour?

Simple! You get a chance to experience one of the most amazing places in Croatia on a personalized tour, tailored to your every wish.

Imagine being able to see everything you’d like, eat in the best restaurants in the area, enjoy the best views, and having a professional guide you through the adventure. Don’t imagine, take the private tour!

Everything you want to do can be arranged (as long as it’s possible 🙂 )!

Just contact us and we’ll arrange a perfect Krka experience for you!

call us: +385 99 821 5383


… after you contacted us, you can pay the deposit

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